1. Offer

The tourist agency Motosport mediates between the Guest and the service provider (on behalf of the owner and for his account) and thus provides the guest with accommodation and rental services according to the information available on its website, and at the agreed time, except in case of emergency or force majeure.

* Force majeure is a circumstance that cannot be influenced because it cannot be foreseen, and therefore cannot be eliminated (earthquakes, floods, fires, strikes, terrorist actions, wars, death of the service provider or his immediate family)

2. Reservation and payment

Inquiries for reservations are received online (questionnaire on the website, e-mail) or in person at the agency’s premises. To confirm the reservation, the Guest must, within one working day from the date of acceptance of the offer, pay an advance of 30% of the total price of accommodation and send by e-mail or fax confirmation of payment, while the rest of the amount and sojourn tax reception of the agency on the day of arrival at the accommodation unit.

3. Tourist tax

According to the Sojourn Tax Act of the Republic of Croatia, the guest is obliged to pay the sojourn tax at the same time as paying for the accommodation service. Sojourn tax is paid at the reception of the agency, and is 1 euro per person per day for adults. Children from 12 to 18 years have a 50% discount on this amount, while children up to 12 years do not pay the residence tax.

4. The guest’s right to change and cancel

If the Guest wants to cancel the booked accommodation or boat, it should be done in writing (e-mail).

For cancellations more than 80 days before the start of the agreed term, the agency refunds the full amount of the commission less 25 euros of fixed costs and money transfer costs.

In case the Guest cancels the reservation, less than 80 days before the start of the agreed period, he has no right to request a refund of the advance payment.

If the Guest does not appear on time or cancels the accommodation before the expiration of the agreed term, the agency charges the full amount of the arrangement. If the guest is not satisfied with the solution of the complaint, he has the right to court arbitration. In such a case, the competent commercial court in Šibenik.

5. Note

By paying the advance, the guest fully accepts these General Terms and Conditions.